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Mrs Kingsley
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Buster is a big cat.  Not big in the usual way – just simply huge.  Some people say he is bigger than their dog.  Now that is big.

He is half white and half ginger.  Not right down the middle, you understand, but in sort of general purpose splodges.  Looking from the front he is whiter with ginger going towards the back from his pointy ears.  He even has a few ‘gingery’ bits around his tail.  Buster is very proud of these bits.

Buster likes people - especially those who feed him, scratch his very hairy neck and then play with him.  It is those people who are really special to him.

There is one person, however, that Buster is not too keen on.  This person, he is sure, must be a perfectly nice person – but not really to him.  This person, known as Mrs Kingsley, has just bought a big silver shiny car.  The problem is that Buster has his own patch – Buster’s Patch and part of Buster’s Patch is the road outside his house.

The odd thing that Buster has found is that whenever he needs to inspect the far side of his Patch, Mrs Kingsley comes along.  This is a big bother to Buster (not to mention Mrs Kingsley).

Buster has tried standing in the middle of his Patch – the road bit – and staring at Mrs Kingsley’s big silver car.  At least the car, sometimes, goes around him while he is on his road Patch.  Other times, the car comes so close that he does have to move off in as grandly a way as possible. 

After all, it is Buster’s Patch!


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