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It must be said that kittens are all very well in their right place, and let’s face it, they can be thought of as rather cute. However, to Buster they do cause some rather unhappy shivers to run to the tip of his ringed tail and golden pointy ears.

A long, long time ago Buster was born on a farm. This was massive fun as there was so much to play with in the barns. He had many brothers and sisters, all of whom were OK, but basically were dull. It was all very well tumbling and chasing and leaping and falling and diving and bouncing on each other, but there must be more to life than this!

Buster learnt a great deal from this play and still loved his brothers and sisters very much but felt he could do so much more. The question was what? To a young cat much needed to be thought about for his future. In the meantime Buster carried on as normal with his mum and dad and brothers and sisters. Life on the farm had its own pace with certain events through each day, week, month and year falling into a happy routine.

One coolish autumn day with not much happening, a van turned up in the farmyard to deliver something. It was very much warmer in the van and there were so many interesting boxes and packages in the back of the van, into which Buster simply had to take a look. It was a long way to the back and there were some very interesting smells coming from that direction; these obviously needed far more investigation! Being a cat he could not read the print on the outside of the box, but it really smelt very good. Buster made a mental note that the funny squiggles on the box said to him “this stuff smells good” and a few moments later after breaking into the box, Buster added to his mental note “this stuff is really good to eat as well”! After invading several other boxes it is not clear that Buster could actually read ‘LOCAL FRESH FISH’, but he certainly understood the meaning.


It was at this point that Buster’s day went seriously downhill. After eating as much of the fish that he could manage he found a few blankets in the far back corner of the van. He set about the clean-up operation of his face, his legs, his body and lastly his tail. Curling up in a smallish ball Buster decided to sleep off his delicious meal. Being at the very back of the van and behind many boxes the van driver did not see Buster, or the half-eaten damaged boxes. The driver just pulled down the van roller-door at the back and secured the lock. This woke Buster. He was in darkness and the blankets started to move about in rather a sick-making way!

Buster was worried. He started shouting but he was not heard because the van engine was making a lot of noise, not to mention the load bangs from road pot-holes and very squeaky springs. This went on for ages and ages. Buster was feeling shattered by all this, not to mention a little sick after eating all the fish! Eventually the van came to a stop and the rattily van roller-door was pushed up. Buster is a very friendly cat but in this case was not hanging around to meet the driver. He launched himself off the van tail-gate, across a path, through a gate, into a garden and through a handy hole in the door of a shed. Buster was so fast the driver did not even see him, although a few minutes later the driver did see some of the boxes with curious holes in them.

Catching his breath Buster looked about the shed that was full of gardening stuff. One item, a spade had fallen across the door hole when Buster banged into it when speeding through the hole. He was now trapped for the second time today. He started shouting and shouting and surprise upon surprise a face peered at him through the grubby shed window; then it went away. More shouting, but nothing further happened. Buster thought this was getting very tiring and decided to have a cat-nap on the wooden shed floor; besides it is now starting to get dark.

The next morning Buster was woken by the shed door opening and suddenly being caught and put into a box before he could really get his wits about him. Then he is put in the back of another van. More banging, squeaking and general disruption to his personage as the van is driven!

In a short while a man in a white shirt with strange pads on his shoulders picked up Buster in the box and carried him into a house. In a large room with chairs and carpets Buster was let out of the box into the room. There must have had over fifty kittens running around! The smell was not too good either! This is where Buster stayed in the RSPCA ‘hostel’ with kittens.

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