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Buster finds it necessary to check his patch quite often during the day, and when he can, during the night.  (It is the night time that can be the biggest bother!)

About tea time, the other day, there was a lot of beating and battering in the bushes in the front garden of the house next door, that clearly is part of Buster’s Patch!  Not the normal type of noise that should come from bushes you understand, but the breaking and cutting and pulling and stripping of leaves type of noise.  This is not correct, Buster thought to himself.  Tweeting and rustling from bushes is good and normal and sometimes lunch!  This was different. 

The area in question is in front of the window of the house next door.  It is where Buster’s bench used to be – you might have read the story “Buster’s Bench”.  In front of the bench is a semi-circular gravelled area largely covered in the bushes.  It is from these bushes that the strange sounds were coming.  Supervision is clearly needed by Buster to find out what is happening to this part of his Patch.

These bushes were tall and dark inside.  To Buster they seemed like a cathedral with the branches going up and over him like huge arches.  The main importance to Buster is that he could see out of this observation post, to catch up on events around his Patch, but nobody could see him.  Brilliant!

The noises in the bushes were bad news for Buster.  It seems that his hiding place is being cut to the ground.  Catastrophe!  This happened so quickly that in the space of time between Busters going in for a snack of food and coming out again the ground was flat.  No bushes at all; just gravel.  Nothing!  No observation post!  No cathedral! 


The gravel area that is now EMPTY of bushes!

This new event left Buster just looking at the gravel, not the bushes.  He didn’t know what to do.  With the bushes gone an important part of Buster’s Patch has been removed.  It must be said that this part of Buster’s Patch seemed to cater for many of the needs of an important chap like Buster.  

A little while later an answer had appeared.  Not the usual type of answer you might have to a row of disappearing bushes.  This answer came in the form of a large blue car that now seemed to be a feature on the gravel, which was formally surrounded by bushes.    

Granted, that if Buster sat on the roof of the car he could be seen by everybody but then nobody could actually get to him.  Buster was sat on a shiny, warm, roof that was very slippery to anybody attempting to sneak up behind him.  The view however, across Buster’s Patch is truly awesome.  Even to the point that this observation post maybe, could be, perhaps, on a good day, thought to be better than the bushes!  Time will tell.

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