Buster's Thought
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A thought occurred to Buster. Not one of those ‘Pow’ instant types of thoughts, but one of those that slowly creep in and sneak up on you.   Once the though arrived, Buster found everything seemed so clear.   Why had he not come up with this before? Utterly brilliant.   Of course, all seems so obvious now.

Buster having a thought.

Buster was sat in the sunshine on the top step in his back garden.   There are only four steps up beside a very high white wall.   This was a good place to look at his garden for several reasons.   Firstly, Buster can see all of the back garden and the side garden, but more importantly the white wall reflected heat. This is a most important service to Buster. So Buster spends a good deal of time sat here thinking.

Next door there lived a small but rather pretty cat called Munchkin.   She is a bit timid, but would stand up for herself if upset or approached in her garden. There is a small area of dispute about who owned the patch of land between the two houses.  Technically, the ally-way was in Munchkin’s garden but it was also a necessary part of Buster’s route home to his back door.   The owner of Munchkin had even made a cat-sized hole in the bottom of the garden gate for easier movement of Munchkin, but not necessarily Buster!

The hole in the gate for 'easy' access.

Of course, there was also the little ‘to-do’ about Buster dining out.   Buster always needs to inspect the edges of his ‘Patch’ and Munchkin’s back door fell into this category.  The cat-flap needed to be checked as after all, Buster is a cat!

Munchkin’s food was very good and as a passing snack fitted well into Buster’s way of thinking.   Munchkin’s owners however, were not impressed.

Perhaps Buster’s biggest ‘slip-up’ in this area was that after some food a little catnap is always in order, if not actually necessary!   A short stroll down the hall into the lounge meant there were some comfy seats on which a few zeds could be had.   Timing was bad.   Once Buster had landed on the seat, turned round and sat down a problem was noticed.   Across the room, Munchkin’s owner, holding a magazine, was staring straight back at Buster.   Ooops!   For such a dignified and notable person as Buster he could turn on a surprising amount of speed when necessary.   He even managed to clear the garden fence in two leaps!

This was all some time ago.   The thought that occurred to Buster at the start of this story, is that as he was looking at the house next door, he had not seen Munchkin for ages.  Good.   Buster now had Munchkin’s garden as part of his ‘Patch’ as Munchkin had been locked in.   The bad news is he could not dine out as the cat flap had now been locked. Buster also had clear use of the ally-way between the houses.

All in all, an excellent result for Buster.

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