Buster’s Bushes  

It has come to the notice of Buster that things just happen.  Just when all seems settled and up to scratch, stuff moves, or gets smaller.  In the great plan of things, what was there yesterday will surely be here today.  Not a bit of it.

Yesterday, while Buster was looking at a part of his Patch across the road, everything was in order.  There is or let’s say was, a row of neat low bushes on the other side of the road.  These bushes were brilliant for Buster.  They were only a bit higher than him and once inside he was completely hidden.  What was so much fun, he could see out, without being seen.  This would allow Buster to catch up on events.

Beyond the bushes was the footpath and beyond that was a wall with a back-gate in it.  This is where ‘Grumpy’ cat lives.  Buster is not a fan of Grumpy cat because basically Grumpy cat is grumpy!  Not somebody a happy Buster would really like to be with.

Buster could stretch out in his bushes (Buster’s Bushes) and watch if Grumpy cat appears on the shed roof.  The shed can just be seen over the top of the wall – even while Buster is inside the bushes.  This was excellent for Buster to stay away from meeting Grumpy cat.

Buster's Bushes

Today, my oh my, catastrophe has struck.  Buster’s Bushes have been eaten.  Probably not by some huge bush eating thingy, but something that has taken the height down by half.  But, more importantly, thinned the bushes so you can see clearly through them.  Nowhere to hide.  Buster’s forward observation post has been thinned!

Not only has the bush-eating-thinning-height-reducing thingy carved up Buster’s Bushes but also taken down a tree!  The tree was next to the now thinned bushes coming out of the grass that lay between the road and the path.  The tree was not an ordinary tree you understand, but its leaves were very long and pointy.  The sort of tree you would see in hot countries.  At the foot of the tree it had grown some baby trees out of the ground just like the big tree.  At a push, these baby trees, although a bit spiky could also be used by Buster to hide behind, but never inside – too spiky.  These baby trees had also been thinned along with the tree trunk.

Truly, a catastrophe.  Any chance of keeping a watchful eye on Grumpy cat has now gone.  In short, part of Buster’s Patch has be reduced, condensed, made smaller, compacted.  Has this made Buster a lesser person because he has less of a Patch?

Buster will need to think this one through very, very carefully.  He could:

  • Just not use that area of his Patch anymore and simply let Grumpy cat take that bit over.  Not a good idea for a Buster!
  • Start a catty war and try to take over Grumpy cat’s shed roof.  Might be a bad move as the shed is in Grumpy cat’s garden
  • Try and find somewhere else to make a forward observation post for Buster’s Patch.

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