Buster’s Valentine

Binky with her catnip mouse.  Buster's favourite toy given to her.

It has been said before that Buster is a friendly chap.  He likes most folk, even Grumpy cat (to a point), who lives on the far side of his Patch.  But kittens do cause Buster some bother.

When the family next door got kittens, William and Binky, Buster really did not know what to do.  What can you do with these little fellows?  They are so fast and seem to be all over the place.  But, more importantly they are all over Buster’s place; or more particularly, all over Buster’s Patch!

However, after much thought, several things occurred to Buster.  Firstly, the kittens were very small and let’s face it rather cute.  It would be considered very mean of Buster if he started to lay down the catty law. Buster is simply not like

that.  Secondly, it is Buster’s Patch after all and a Buster has to do what a Buster has to do!  And that was the problem – what to do?

William was into everything, for example hanging off the garden gate by one leg squealing, “Look at me, look at me!”.  To say Buster was disgusted would be a little strong, but he did feel it was all rather beneath him; he had his Patch to maintain after all.  Patch maintenance always takes a certain amount of dignity.

Binky on the other hand (paw) was a different matter altogether.  She was so timid and shy that she rarely climbed off her shed roof to anywhere on Buster’s Patch.  She just peeked over the fence and then darted back out of view.  But to Buster, over the months she grew up, she turned into the most beautiful, cute, adorable creature he had ever seen. Never had Buster come across such gorgeousness as Binky.

Over time Binky had also become more adventurous and followed the traveller of her brother William, over the gate into the front garden.  That meant Binky ended up sat in the middle of Buster’s Patch, just looking at Buster and wondering what he will do next.  To be honest Buster did not have a clue what to do next!  He was mesmerised.  He was in a complete dither about the loveliness and cuteness of the vision sat before him.  Buster was smitten.  Binky is gorgeous.  Buster was catapulted into love!  Wow!

Buster somehow knew that February is an important month for falling in love.  He also knew it had something to do with gifts.  Binky really, really fell into these categories.  Buster intensely wanted to give Binky a gift because love is like that - it made him catatonic with desire. 

Then it came to him.  Buster decided he would give Binky his most favourite toy.  A posh catnip mouse – it had to be this – it is for Binky.

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